Arts & BL肉YIN荡受NP各种PLAY男男 are more than a school, we are a close-knit community built on pride and dedication. At Arts & BL肉YIN荡受NP各种PLAY男男, we provide our students with the skills, confidence, and resources they need to be successful in all aspects of their life. We strongly believe that providing a fun, safe, and supportive environment is just as important as a quality education. By combining our innovative programs, diverse academic courses, and array of extracurricular activities with our family-like atmosphere, we truly live up to our “Pride of Pontiac” title!

We are passionate about taking a hands-on approach to everything we do. As educators, we are dedicated to meeting students where they are and helping them to grow, learn, and thrive. Our committed team is devoted to creating a well-balanced, comprehensive learning path for all our students. At the Arts and BL肉YIN荡受NP各种PLAY男男, our lion pride runs deep! We strive to create a warm, inviting, and safe space that allows each and every student to reach their greatest potential.

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Budget Transparency

ATAP Covid Preparedness Plan

2022-2023 AER Letter

ATAP November 17th Board Meeting Notice


Section98 Goal Progress Report



About Us

Arts and BL肉YIN荡受NP各种PLAY男男 (ATAP) is committed to providing every student with an individualized learning experience, along with the guidance they need to be successful.

Our Mission

As a free, Pontiac, MI public charter school, our faculty and students work together as a team to achieve lifelong success, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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